I Went From Hotshot Banker To Genderless Reptile | HOOKED ON THE LOOK


A FORMER BANKER has shed their human skin and transformed into a genderless dragon. Tiamat Legion Medusa, now 60, was born a boy named Richard Hernandez. After school, they got a job in a bank and worked their way up to Vice President. Then, in the late 1990s, they were diagnosed as HIV positive. Considering it a “death sentence” at the time, they decided to live out their remaining days as their true self, quitting corporate life and beginning their body modification journey. To date, Tiamat estimates they have around $75,000 worth of modifications, including tattooed eyeballs, 18 horns, a split tongue, and tattoos spanning 85% of their body. Next, they plan to get seven more horns fitted – which they hope will make them the most modified person in the world. They said: “People call me a ‘freak’ as an insult, but I’m proud to be a ‘freak’.”


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